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by Futurs' & Friends in 2015
48K Intro Dedicated to all Amstrad CPC fans

Requires an Amstrad CPC6128 with CRTC type 1
(128KB of RAM and 4MHz Z80 CPU)

Consists of 3200 split-screens per frame!


Main: OffseT
Music Player: Zik
Exomizer RAW Decoder: Metalbrain adapted by OffseT for real-time streaming




Back To Futurs' Logo: Voxfreax
Doc & DeLorean bars: Beb
Animations: computed by Zik and reworked by Beb
Space Invaders: OffseT
Border Textures: Voxfreax & Zik
Intro Texts: OffseT
Ending textures: Hwikaa
Ending Plasmas: OffseT
Ending Equalizer: OffseT & Zik reworked by Beb
Ending Scrolling Checkerboard: Beb

Here is the list of the tools that were used:

--On CPC--

Utopia, Protext, Maxam, Parados,
The Advanced OCP Art Studio,
IFF-Convert, DOS-Copy, KitAY.

--On Amiga--

TVPaint, Personal Paint.

--On MorphOS--

Exomizer, ACE CPC Emulator.

--On Linux--


--On Windows--

Arkos Tracker, PhotoShop. WinAPE, DAZ 3D Studio.

Today (in 2015!) this demo is working only on a real CPC6128 (with CRTC 1) or with ACE CPC Emulator. With all other CPC emulators it will fail at some point (no CPC emulator on PC can run this demo). Please, ask your PeeCee coders to fix their CRTC and Gate Array emulation!
Because of the used CRTC technics, this demo cannot be adapted to run on CRTC 0 and 2 at all. The main part could run with some adaptations on CRTC 3/4, but the ending part is definitly only possible on CRTC 1.

Remember that cross-development does not make your productions better!
If you love your CPC, just enjoy it and create!